The perfect jewelry gift for Christmas

Whilst magazines and tv commercials overwhelm us with what we should buy, in order to make our loved ones feel special this Christmas, there is nothing quite like jewelry underneath the Christmas tree. I have 3 special tips that will help you to find that right piece.

So I am the really quite the trend observer and I love to see all that surrounds trends. It’s far more a cultural phenomenon than one would guess. But when it comes down to buying personal things, trends can’t be what we base our decisions on. For some it may be important, but don’t worry about them. Go for something she or he really loves. Even if it is something not so trendy. Go for something that makes them feel like you acknowledge who they are. After all, we all love to be seen and accepted as for who we really are. How wonderful if this is reflected in your replica Cartier jewelry gift.

I can’t even start to understand how people get themselves into debt over Christmas gifts. I mean, this is crazy and has nothing to do with love or Christmas. It’s simply unwise.

Van Cleef & Arpels Flower necklace replicaDetermine, before you go into a jewelry store or buy it online, how much you want to spend, based on a realistic view of your financial situation. If 10.000 euro’s is no big deal, than it will be a joy to spend that amount of money on a beautiful piece of replica Cartier love bracelet real 18k gold. If your budget is 100 euro or less, there is still an ample choice of jewelry. Go for something that suits your loved one. And perhaps go for a piece of a set. Something that allows you to gift another piece to complete the set in another occasion. Go for fake Cartier jewellery UK, I mean, really …there is enough pretty things to choose from!

If your loved one told you what she or he loves, then it’s a piece of cake. But usually, people tend to be not so clear. It comes down to your skills to determine which gift she really wants. Women have the weird habit of not saying what they really want, way too often. Or be completely enthusiastic about something and then when the boyfriend/husband comes along to see it, they turn suddenly into a modest mumbling woman, that would settle for something less. Don’t be fooled. It’s an act. Hahaha, I have observed it way too often! It’s charming, until the man takes it seriously and you observe the slight panic or frustration that, once again, he did not really listen to her! Yes, men…women can be a little complicated like that. Investigate what a person really loves. What is important to them and why. So you know you why she wants it. What it means. Try subtle ways, if you are not sure how to start the conversation without being too obvious, by telling about a friend or colleague who bought such and such a piece of replica Cartier juste un clou bracelet 18k gold. It may start a conversation and you need to guide it into the right direction!

I can’t state it enough, but when you are not sure what he or she likes, go for symbolism. Something that marks an important event, moment, trait or something like that. I have gifted silver tiny keys to dear friends, who have struggled and have had to open new doors in their lives. A key can perfectly reflect that moment. Some decided to finally study what they always longed to study but weren’t allowed to, others survived cancer or finished an incredibly busy year running a family, job and a study at the same time, or moved to another town. Hearts are the ultimate symbol, but a feather, a compass card or a golf ball, a horse, a boat, a cupid…There is always something. Go for replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace containing a symbol that is personal to the person you love.

Cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra bracelets are a wonderful idea too. Like the ones created by replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry (check this link to avail some discounts) for example, subtle, elegant and they can even be personalized!

Whatever you have chosen now to buy, make sure you tell a good story! Either by card, or with a gesture, or even right there, when you hand your gift over. Precious gifts like replica Hermes jewelry become even more precious when you tell the story of why you have chosen to give this piece of jewelry. Perhaps you prefer to tell something you really admire about her or him. If something happened recently in their lives, narrate about this and take the listener(s) with you into a story of how and why.

Not only do we all love stories, but there is nothing as lovely as hearing why. Why you receive a particular piece of Replica Hermes Clic H bracelet. Why we are loved, seen, admired, supported etc. It is scary and you might feel a little exposed or uncomfortable, but believe me, that only adds to the charm of doing this. Make the receiver of the gift, your star and you both will enjoy your gift even more!


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